Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gaming Resources You Always Wanted

Ahh, Google got me again. Whenever I do research lately into any of my plethora of projects, I find tons of helpful text links and banner ads right under my fingertips. I run a couple campaigns using the resources over at Obsidian Portal, and for a while, all I saw there were ads for online games, many of them with severely under-dressed young ladies somehow involved. I had actually given up on finding anything useful in the side banner, until tonight when I was wrapping up for the night and just about to close a new post I had made.

That's when I saw it. The vague promotional language teased me with the threat of competing with my latest brilliant scheme. I couldn't let it slide, and I clicked the link. What I found was a product I wish I'd had years ago. Long Tooth Studios has come up with the penultimate in portable gaming boards. They're just a start-up company, and their marketing budget isn't what it could be, but I feel that this is a product worth promoting. Every reputable game store should carry these! In fact, I think I'll send an email to my local gaming shop after work tomorrow...

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