Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Becoming a Fansubber

A while back, I saw an ad tacked onto a fansubbed episode of Pandora Hearts saying that they were looking for a translator for the project. Naturally I jumped at the chance, and sent over an email. To make a long story short, they eventually quit the project and I went looking to see if anyone had translated the manga, or possibly even had the raws of it up to read. I found a scanlation group which was working on it and jumped in with both feet.

But they wouldn't let me translate. Apparently one of their long-term translators had earmarked the project, and was working on it a little behind the cleaners. I volunteered as a cleaner and whipped through a few chapters, but I still really wanted to translate - more than just reading it aloud on the fly for my SO. I tried typing my translations directly onto the cleaned raws for him, but it took forever and just wasn't the same.

Then yesterday I finally got fed up with fansubbing groups dropping the project and making me search for another group's releases. Also most of them take nearly a week to release an episode, which is frustrating because I can watch and understand it, but I can't share it with anybody else. So...I've decided to try my hand at fansubbing.

Last night I spent a couple hours translating episode 8 with my headphones on so I wouldn't bother anyone. I got about halfway done with it when another search finally pulled up a new group's release of the episode, but I decided to take what I had and see if I could turn it into subtitles.

I found a sweet program called Aegisub, which lets me create subtitle files. I wasn't really certain what I was supposed to do with the sub file, at first. Sure I could send it off to some current fansubbing group, but they'd most likely have their own translator and I didn't want to step on toes there like I had at MangaAbyss. On the other hand, the only search results I could find for encoding looked like a nightmare - 7 or 8 programs, just to put the subtitles on? That couldn't be what I was looking for.

Finally I found the right search keywords. A program called Virtual Dub with a couple of plug-ins turned my nice raw anime episode into a shiny brand new (half-)subtitled .avi file! Woohoo! As soon as episode 9 airs on Thursday, it's go time! (P.S.: Don't tell my husband. It's a surprise!)

Edit: Virtual dub hashed my karaoke. AVI ReComp is better, but still isn't displaying properly.


shinobs said...

Lironah if you read this, could you upload your script or your .avi of PH09 somewhere please or the next episodes if you gonna sub them^^. It's a shame and a waste if people gonna watch your release(s) on streaming >_<. Unless it's already available somewhere I don't know of and that you could show me where :P.
Anyway, thanks for you nice work on episode 9^^.

Lironah said...

Episode nine and all future releases will be available by bittorrent to anyone who wants to watch them. Also, the only file format I can sub in is whatever the raw comes to me in. I don't have any conversion experience. ^^;

shinobs said...

On bittorent where? Tokyotosho? :P
Ah, I thought you were playing with virtualdub xD. So, you gonna just mux the script and mostly release in .mkv softsubs^^.
I can't wait for episode 10 :P. Gotta love dark plot anime^^.

Lironah said...

I didn't know about Tokyotosho before. You just increased my distribution by about 20 times. XD

I'm releasing in .avi, but I've teamed up with SubDESU now for .mkv, and they usually post a download link.

As for that stream somebody put up, I know what you mean. Honestly, how did they manage to tack the end of the video onto the beginning like that?

shinobs said...

Yeah I wonder how they screwed that up :x.
Thanks for episode 10^^.